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Welcome to our website! We look forward to serving you. Our facility specialize in teaching and educating our clients how to use the correct form when exercising to target specific muscles in the body. We also show our clients how to count calories in solid and liquid food products before they consume them. Nutrition is a very important element, when you are training. You can work out all you want, but if you consume more calories than you burn, it can slow up you're training process. Yes, training is a process. You didn't gain those extra pounds over night, so you can't expect to lose them any faster. I know all of these diet fads promote instant weight loss, which I want challenge. However, I will say this, when you go on these diets you have to be careful that you do not lose the lean muscle in your body. Lean muscle not only give your body a lean look, but also it helps burn the fatty acids in your body. That's why at Ken's Fitness and Nutrition when helping a client to lose weight, we instruct that client to eat a sufficient amount of protein to repair and build the muscle in his or her body when the client is training, so the client can lose body fat and tone up at the same time. Although, Fitness and Nutrition is our profession, our agenda is to help others make fitness and healthy eating part of their lives. So, I hope you request our services. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks again, for viewing our profile. Have a great day!

Here is some of our specials:

  • $80 for 15 sessions (10 classes & 5 personal training sessions)
  • $120 for 20 sessions (12 classes & 8 personal training sessions)
  • $30 for 10 classes (Fit Camp classes)
  • Personal training as low $15 a session. Purchase 3 sessions, get the fourth session half price.
  • $50 for 4 personal training sessions & 6 classes
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